John Mitchel

For Congress

Primary – May 8th, 2018

Ohio, District 10 (Fayette, Greene, Montgomery Counties)








“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those they oppress.”
Frederick Douglass, August 3, 1857

Since 1983 the national debt has skyrocketed 2000 percent to $20 trillion.

Both Republican and Democrat administrations have enabled one-sided trade deals that have moved millions of jobs offshore.  Both parties have also facilitated unchecked immigration, illegal and otherwise.  President Trump has done a great job at reversing these trends with almost all of the progress made with push back from the Democrats, the media and even establishment Republicans.

“Who is responsible for creating the mess President Trump is trying to clean up?”

I believe that’s a fair question that deserves an honest answer.   Since 1983 Ohio’s 7th Congressional District and Ohio’s 10th District (Fayette, Greene and Montgomery counties) have had four congressmen, Mike DeWine, Dave Hobson, Steve Austria and Mike Turner.  Mr. DeWine picked Dave Hobson as his successor and Dave Hobson picked Steve Austria as his. That inbreeding has been a total disaster due to Austria’s incompetence and his loss of the 7th District seat after the 2010 census and redistricting.

It’s time to break the chain of self-interested career politicians.  Just think of the message we would send America if we elect an underfunded deplorable with a great face for radio over the consummate insider whose hair is shinier than his shoes!