TPI Composites Earmark Speech

Text for the video on TPI Composites earmark:

Welcome back to Today we will examine the first of several Dave Hobson and Steve Austria earmarks that we believe are the most wasteful, abusive, and in some cases corrupt. But first it’s important for you to understand why we’re tying Steve Austria to Dave Hobson. It’s very simple; Dave Hobson chose Steve Austria as his successor, just as Mike DeWine chose Dave Hobson as his. Mr. Austria is simply a next generation career politician, and I’m confident you agree it’s time to cut off this line of succession once and for all.

In January 2009, State GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine put together a 10-point plan to rehabilitate the Ohio Republican Party that was torn apart by “Coin-gate” and other scandals. One of his points included “Enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct.” Kevin DeWine is on notice that from this day forward Americans for John Mitchel 2010 will hold him accountable for any misconduct in the Ohio Republican party.

The first of the worst is TPI Composites where we have at least three levels of misconduct.

Level 1 is a sweetheart deal with lobbyist Juliet Pacquing, who when Dave Hobson awarded a $4.5 million earmark to TPI Composites, was married to Kevin Cook,
Dave Hobson’s chief staffer on the House Appropriations subcommittee on energy and water. The lobbyist spouse of Mr. Hobson’s chief staffer received $60,000 in lobbying fees from TPI Composites. She also gave $2000 to Hobson’s campaign. TPI executives kicked in another $6,000 to Hobson and more to Steve Austria.

Next there’s Steve Austria’s claim that he was responsible for up to 100 jobs at the TPI Composites plant in Springfield. The plant closed in March 2009, yet Mr. Austria continued to take credit for those jobs until October. If those jobs ever existed at all, they are in TPI facilities in China, Mexico, Iowa or Rhode Island.

Finally, there’s Dave Hobson’s stealthy relationship with Midland Properties, the real estate company that appears to have brokered the deal for the now-vacant plant at 2145 Airpark Drive in Springfield.

To summarize: Dave Hobson’s Chief staffer’s lobbyist wife receives $60,000 from TPI Composites who received a $4.5 million earmark from Dave Hobson. $8000 of that earmark is kicked back to Hobson and more to Austria. Steve Austria takes credit for jobs that if they exist at all are in Mexico, China, Iowa or Rhode Island. And Dave Hobson most likely profited off the real estate transaction on the now-vacant facility in Springfield.

In closing, we want to make it clear that Mr. Austria has an open invitation to discuss these statements of fact, not to mention serious allegations that he and Mr. Hobson broke the law. Thank you for joining us at Next time we’ll explore a “Jobs for Mrs. Steve Austria earmark” at Nextedge Research Park in Springfield.