John Mitchel has received an endorsement from the tea party’s We the People Convention:

I am pleased to inform you that our organization, the We the People Convention Inc., based on the legal rights granted to us in the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court case, do hereby endorse you, John Mitchel, in the Republican Primary for US Congress in the Ohio 10th District. The We the People Convention is dedicated to helping to elect conservative, liberty minded “Citizen Representatives” to public and party offices. We believe in Constitutionally limited representative government, lower taxes, minimum government regulation, capitalism and free markets in order to protect individual freedom and liberty, and create prosperity for all citizens.

We are convinced that you share our goals and values, and thus believe that you will truly be a “Citizen Representative” for all the residents of the 10th Ohio Congressional District if elected. Your endorsement is particularly important to us, and the voters of the 10th District, because your opponent in the Republican Primary has failed to represent his District’s values and goals by his Congressional votes. In fact, your current “Republican” representative in Congress has changed his positions dramatically since he was first elected and now has a literally pathetic FreedomWorks scorecard over the last 4 years that averages just 46%. That is totally unacceptable for ANY real Republican in Congress and is far below that of other Ohio Congressmen like Jim Jordan, Warren Davidson and Brad Wenstrup. We have no doubt that you will represent the goals and values of ALL the citizens of your District, above the interests of your political party and other monied special interests who may try to influence your votes if elected. Therefore, the We the People Convention strongly encourages all Republican voters in the 10th Congressional District of Ohio to vote for John Mitchel for US House of Representatives in the Republican Primary on [May] 8th! Citizens can learn more about our organization at

I have attached a copy of our endorsement logo which you can place on your website and Facebook page and use in any additional way that you like. We encourage you to send out a press release announcing our endorsement to your local media outlets. We may also provide additional resources for your campaign as funds allow.

Best of luck in the primary election. […] We thank you for having the courage, passion and fortitude to run for elected office!