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My fellow Americans,

Back in November before the 2006 primary, a few of us predicted that if Mike DeWine won the Republican primary, he would lose in November to the Democrat challenger. I take no consolation in being right on that prediction. Mr. DeWine is gone from the Senate because he turned his back on republican core values including limited government and individuals taking on more personal responsibility. So the battle continues against other career politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, who continue to take us closer to the oblivion that waits over the abyss.

To be perfectly honest, there are other things Iíd rather do than run for Congress. I have a great job where I have the opportunity to support our courageous warfighters. I would like to spend more time visiting our children as our youngest daughter has now graduated from college and joined her siblings in Chicago. I recently wrote and self-published my first book, America at the Abyss: A View From the Heartland, and with job and family, it will certainly be a challenge to get that small business airborne. Furthermore, having been a candidate before, I can say from personal experience that politicians are by and large an unseemly lot, and given the choice, I would prefer to avoid them. However, I cannot stand idly by as our elected officials pile up the debt for future generations and continue to chip away at those rights and freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

One of the things I learned from challenging Bob Taft for governor in 1998 and my other runs for Congress is that the way we elect our public servants is broken and needs to change. The only candidates that have a chance of winning are those who sell out to the special interests, whether from the right or the left. Unfortunately the media sometimes enables this strategy by discounting candidates that donít have the support of the special interests, not to mention the kingmakers in the Democrat or Republican parties. It is with that backdrop that I confirm my intentions to run for Congress in the March 4th, 2008 Republican primary in Ohioís 7th Congressional District.

One form of insanity is expecting things to change despite doing the same things over and over again. We are trapped in the major party conspiracy that enables Republican and Democrat candidates to run as far and as fast to the right or left to separate themselves from the competition in the primaries, and then sprint back to the center in the general election to present the false impression they are all things to all people. We will be doing it very differently this time around. I will anchor my platform to my oath of office to support and defend the Constitution, which explicitly protects the rights of all individuals regardless of party affiliation, not the political ruling class.

So let's get on with the task of saving our beloved Republic. This web site should give you all the information you need to help at whatever level you feel comfortable. But by all means, if you see a way to help get our message out and improve our chances to win in the March 4th, 2008 primary, let us know. Thank you for visiting our campaign website. All I request is that you take just a little more time between now and the primary to evaluate your options, and how your choice will impact our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. See you at the polls, and hopefully out there on the campaign trail as well.