John Mitchel retracts latest press release

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010, Beavercreek, Ohio: Just hours after sending out a press release on the Washington Post’s U.S. Congress Votes database, John Mitchel retracted it after further study revealed it reflected only a small percentage of Mr. Austria’s voting record. However, Mitchel also pointed out that Austria’s voting record was weak on several very important votes such as his support for “Cash for clunkers II,” the hate crimes bill and the pork-heavy Defense Appropriations bill. He also reiterated his concerns with Mr. Austria ’s ethics in regard to Mrs. Austria ’s employment with Nextedge Research Park . On January 1, 2008, just one day after completing an 18-year career as Dave Hobson’s District Director, Mrs. Austria was hired by Nextedge, a subsidiary of the Turner Foundation in Springfield . Turner Foundation associates have been very generous in their campaign gifts over the years to both Steve Austria and Dave Hobson.

Mitchel commented, “It was unfair to carve out such a small part of Steve’s voting record, however Mr. Austria still got several important votes wrong, and still owes the voters an explanation on why he did not disclose Mrs. Austria ’s employment with Nextedge. We also need an explanation of exactly what Mrs. Austria did besides collect a paycheck at Nextedge from January 1, 2008 until November of that same year. Mrs. Austria was hired as Director of Sales and Marketing, but we’re not aware of any companies coming into Nextedge in 2008. Of course that’s not illegal, but the Austria campaign raised over a $1,000,000 during the 2008 election cycle, and if Mrs. Austria made even one phone call from Nextedge to solicit a contribution, she broke the law and so did Nextedge and their parent company, the Turner Foundation.”

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